Intelligent Mail. Simplifed.
Sensible Technologies and GBR Systems have combined companies, resources, and many years of expertise in Intelligent Paper Handling.  Our combined companies provide a full suite of products for print to mail intelligent inserting solutions.

We understand the big picture of your business.    Our Smart Feeder/Folders, Intelligent Inserter Systems, and our ADF/Audit Verification software solutions deliver more uptime, fewer errors, and consistently higher output than other leading solutions – with a shorter learning curve and for a fraction of the cost

Instead of focusing on high-speed products with flashy and expensive features, we offer complete solutions designed around helping our clients solve their most important business challenges and deliver better service to their customers.

News & Events
May 14, 2015 - Sensible Technologies Enhances Product Line

Sensible Technologies has successfully finished the merger product lines following the acquisition of GBR Systems Corporation in 2013.

About Us
At Sensible Technologies we offer intelligent inserting solutions that improve your bottom line. Our approach to intelligent mail equipment, software and service starts with the most important capabilities and strips away...