MPM multipageMAILER
Adapting envelope design to maximize advertising possibilities and boost response rates. That’s Sensible.

Servo Feeder & Alignment Table With Timed Slitting Unit

The MPM feeder accommodates up to four pages plus the outer envelope – either cut sheet or continuous form roll – then the timed slitting unit trims the contents’ sheets. The outer envelope sheet remains its original size.

Belt Accumulator & Cold Glue System

The accumulator collects all the pieces of the mailing before the set is folded to its final size. And the application of cold glue reliably seals the complete mailpiece – making it 100% tamper proof. Plus, the fully automatic folding system can be used for normal folding jobs, too, offering maximum flexibility.

Diverter & Perforating Module With Sealing Station

Working together, the camera system and diverter guarantee permanent security throughout the production cycle and ensure only impeccable mailpieces reach the delivery table. And the perforated edges allow for easy opening by the mailpiece recipient.

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Technical Details
  • max. sizes envelope sheet: 250 x 330mm
  • min. sizes envelope sheet: 180 x 210 mm
  • max. sizes document sheet: 225 x 330 mm
  • min. sizes document sheet: 155 x 210 mm
  • Speed: 25,000 sheets/h