Document Reliability System™ (DRS™)
Output Verification

Sensible Technologies’ DRS™ makes verification simple and accurate by using an innovative camera system to read and report each document as it’s processed, delivering:

  • Correct sequence assurance
  • A full audit trail verifying each envelope's completion
  • The ability to quickly identify doubles or missing documents
  • The ability to fix insertion errors mid-stream without compromising the run
Performance Management

Instead of running your business line-by-line, use Enterprise Performance Management software to evaluate and improve the efficiency, resource allocation and management of your employees, equipment and output:

  • Track production by job, machine, and operator
  • Track machine uptime/downtime to improve productivity, reduce costs and more
  • Establish metrics to gauge, manage and improve operations
  • View detailed analyses of operator, shift and plant performance
  • Create clear, metric-driven expectations for operators to follow via an easy user interface
Operations Dashboard

The Operations Dashboard gives you a centralized, real-time view of all your ongoing production. No more chasing down issues across your entire floor. From a single screen, you can:

  • Monitor production equipment in real time
  • Monitor jobs in process
  • Monitor operators’ metrics