Document Reliability System™ (DRS™)

Standard Software includes:

  • Audit Verification
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Reporting with Custom Report Builder
  • Performance Metrics
  • Camera and Non-Camera Applications
  • Push Notification via Email
  • Stock Verification (Optional)
  • Matching (Optional)
  • Offline / Standalone (Optional)
Improving compliance and performance with the most advanced audit verification system available. That’s Sensible.

In our industry, errors and inefficiencies can cost more than time and money—they can cost you clients. Sensible Technologies’ Document Reliability System™ (DRS™) provides the verification, control and real-time visibility you need to improve the efficiency and productivity of even your most complex mail operations.

Sensible Technologies’ DRS™ is designed to be simple, reliable and affordable. Each software module can be seamlessly integrated with your existing floor equipment to stop errors from leaving the building.

Output Verification

With an innovative camera system and an intuitive operator interface, DRS™ Output Verification makes it easy to guarantee job and mail piece integrity across the enterprise.

Enterprise Performance Management

The DRS™ Enterprise Performance Management solution enables you to leverage your DRS™ data to measure and optimize the performance of your people and systems.

Operations Dashboard

Sensible’s Operations Dashboard enables real-time production monitoring across the enterprise from a single location.